Premier's Loyalty Card

A loyalty program with just the customer in mind is part of Premier's health benefits plan. Premier Health Center offers the Health Loyalty Card so that the customers can reap the benefits of a lasting relationship with the Premier family.

Premier's Gold Card

The GOLD card is a “LOYALTY PROGRAM" that can be availed by making a one-time payment of Rs. 1000 as a membership fee.

One gets the following discounts on your Gold Card for one’s own self and family members.

  • You can avail 25% discount on all tests done over Rs.100/- at any of our centers.
  • You can also avail 25% discount on all preventive health packages.
  • No additional charges for sample collection at home.
  • Free home delivery of reports.
  • Priority will be given for House Collection, SCAN and ECHO appointments

All these benefits can be availed only at our stand alone laboratories, not at our labs affiliated with the hospitals.

*** Terms and conditions apply ***